BTS - You Never Walk Alone (A:Left/B:Right Ver.)

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BTS, 'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE' released! Wings completed with abduction
"You can laugh if you are together" Message of "comfort" and "hope" handed to youth of this age!

On February 13, 2016, the Bulgarian Boys' Club, which caused global repercussions in its regular 2nd album 'Wings', will release' WINGS Abroad: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE '.
'Wings Abuse' is an album that the bulletproof boy band completed the story of youth and growth that WINGS did not have. If the series 'HyoKyunHwa' and 'WINGS' were narratives about youth and growth, 'Wings Abduction' is a message of warm comfort and hope to the sick young people of this age. The title song "Spring Day" of a popular melody that spans generations shows a further expanded musical world of bulletproof boys. Lap monsters and Suga's personal stories are filled with a warm message that they will not lose hope while waiting for a meeting with a distant friend. Especially rap monster composes the main melody of the song and participated in the production of the title song for the first time. 'Not Today' is a step further from the criticism of the crooked world that the Bulletproof Boys has talked about since debut, and it contains a message to act together with young people who live in contemporary life. This song is a lineage of the previous songs such as 'Jabsa', 'Iga Wrong' and 'Am I Wrong' and shows the musical energy unique to the bulletproof boys based on the stronger sound.

Wings' 'Interlude: Wings',' Outro: Wings' and 'A Supplementary Story', the final song 'You Never Walk Alone' In addition to the existing 14 songs in "WINGS", the wings that can be carried over with the story of the previous work "WINGS" are finally completed. The 'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE' jacket photo, released in two versions of 'Left' and 'Right', contains diverse forms of seven members, each passing through a secluded beach and abandoned factory. The pose of glamorous styling members, who play together with their shoulders, shows the chemistry of the bulletproof boycott, and expresses the theme of the album, "You can overcome any difficulties and darkness together." These visual messages are even more prominent in music videos. 'Not Today', which combines 'spring day' and contemporary dancing, which does not miss the message of hope and warm play even in the sad image of the heart, 'Not Today' The identity of the group has been further strengthened by the completeness and the powerful storytelling that the bulletproof boys have kept up.

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A: Left(Green) / B:Right(Pink)
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