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Stray Kids (Stray Kids) released their debut album 'Mixtape' on January 8, 2018

- Released 'Mixtape' album filled with 7 tracks of his own before his debut! The potential for authenticity of raw album
- From electronica to hip-hop! Fresh sound from 9 JYP Gemstones
- Mnet <Stray Kids> The JYP new boy group 'Stray Kids' which was born through 'Stray Kids'

JYP Entertainment's newest group Stray Kids will release their debut album 'Mixtape' on January 8, 2018.
Stray Kids is a group of boys selected through a reality program <Stray Kids> presented by JYP and Mnet in October 2017. It consists of members of Bang Chan, Kim Woojin, Lee Min Ho, Seo Chang Bin, Hwang Hyunjin, Han Ji Sung, Felix, Kim Seung Min and Yang Jung In.

Like the group name "Out of My Way," Stray Kids offers differentiated personality and free-spiritedness through music. In the debut program "Stray Kids", the members also participated in various aspects such as production, concept, and performance as well as song work. Stray Kids made all of his five missions and made his debut with a nine-man system that was rated the most complete.

9 Stooge Boy, responsible for the future of JYP Stray Kids will release his album 'Mixtape' with his own seven tracks in full swing ahead of his debut. 'Mixtape' is a collection of compositions composed by Stray Kids from the program 'Stray Kids'. The song 'Hellevator', which was released on November 1st as a digital single, , 'Young Wings', 'YAYAYA', 'GLOW', 'School Life', and '4419' are included.

Stray Kids has a variety of genres ranging from electronica to hip-hop, and every song has a new sound and fresh performance. The title song 'Hellevator' is a synthesis of the meaning of 'Hell' and 'Elevator'. It is a song like Stray Kids, which means that Stray Kids will go through the time of suffering and effort and head for the top. The members formed a tight flow to harmonize the dark atmosphere and the melody, and made a dynamic impression by adding each change to the song melody of songs 1 and 2.

In addition, 'Hellevator' music video, which shows the individuality and powerful performance of 9 members, has received strong marks from domestic and foreign music fans, exceeding 13 million views on YouTube.

In addition, this album 'Mixtape' is a hip hop genre 'Grrr total rule' that interpreted the rebellion of teenagers as a new perspective, 'Young wing' which expresses the psychology of fearful adults who pretend to be adults but do not want to look young, , 'YAYAYA' with a powerful sound that tells the story of 'I' that dreams of a successful future in reality with both anxiety and self-confidence, a ballad 'GLOW' with an autobiographical story of members of Stray Kids running towards a dream, 'School Life', which is based on the metaphorical and sympathetic expressions of worn-out life of students who are tired of life, '4419', a lyrical sound composed of a part of a verse as a real story, It was filled with compositions that showed the authenticity of the members.

Stray Kids made his first step into the Mixtape album, full of raw and untapped potential, ahead of the 2018 music season. It is noteworthy that these nine gemstones, starting from JYP artists, are starting to flourish and can resonate with the music industry.



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09 Jan. 2018
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